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The Voice of America is a broadcast agency of the United States government. It broadcasts on shortwave radio, other radio bands, and television in 45 languages to an estimated audience of more than 115 million people each week. In addition, computer users log on to VOA's Internet site (www.VOAnews.com) for news and information. VOA radio provides around-the-clock, reliable news, balanced reporting, and informative features. VOA focuses on countries that lack a strong, independent media. The VOA Charter (Public Law 94-350) requires that broadcasts (1) be accurate, objective, and comprehensive; (2) represent all segments of American society and present a balanced and comprehensive view of significant American thought and institutions; and (3) clearly present the policies of the United States.

VOA-TV produces programs in more than 20 languages, including news reports, feature magazines, and live call-in shows. TV broadcasts include original and acquired programs that reflect American life along with discussions on United States foreign and domestic policies. VOA's Internet provides continually updated news and information with photos, audio and video.[1]

Despite being a government organization, VOA has become increasingly left-wing in its editorial slant, even promoting Marxist individuals and history.[2] In 2020, amid the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, VOA spread Chinese Communist propaganda by using official statics from the Chinese regime, widely known to be disinformation, while taking money from American taxpayers. [3]

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