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The Venus Flytrap or Dionaea muscipula is a carnivorous plant native to a small region in North Carolina. Venus flytraps grow well in the partial shade cast by the taller Sarrecania. There are many different forms of Dionaea muscipula, with many characterized by unusual trap shapes. The plant's colors often change with light levels, seasons and temperatures. For instance, an all red Venus flytrap variety Akai Ryu, meaning "Red Dragon," was developed at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. In the Spring, growth of a Venus flytrap is usually longer while late season growth is more compact. When triggered by an insect landing on its trap, a Venus flytrap closes in less than 100 milliseconds. It takes about 10 days for the trap to digest an insect once trapped inside.[1]

Venus flytraps are not recommended for indoor or terrarium culture, due to dormancy requirements. They are hardy in zones 8 and higher, although they can be grown outdoors in zones 4-7 with special care.[2]

The Venus Flytrap has fascinated people throughout history, including Thomas Jefferson, who corresponded with Timothy Bloodworth in order to obtain seeds of this most unusual plant.[Citation Needed]


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