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Waterfox v43.0.4 on Windows 7

Waterfox is a web browser which is based on what is now the Firefox browser. This 64-bit web browser is designed with one main thing in mind—speed. Some people use it for this reason alone, while others use it because they are trying to avoid Firefox for political and religious reasons.


Waterfox is a fast,[1] efficient browser. The layout is also nearly identical to Mozilla Firefox, so users familiar with Firefox should have an easy time adapting to Waterfox. It also uses many of the same resource directories as Firefox, which can be advantageous if a user wishes to switch between Firefox and Waterfox. Both will use the same user profile, so history, favorites, addons, and settings will be shared between the two. However, older addons which Firefox blocks are allowed to run on Waterfox.[2]


This browser is very similar to Firefox in more than just cosmetic ways. It uses Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine and much of the same base code. If something different from Firefox is desired, Waterfox may not be the solution. Waterfox also uses many of the same resource directories as Firefox, which can be a problem if something has been corrupted in one browser's data. Waterfox also has some occasional errors which Firefox does not, usually when playing video content. Lastly, Waterfox is only available for 64-bit operating systems. This means that it will not work on some computers, especially older ones.


Waterfox was started in March 2011 by Alex Kontos. From the beginning, he has used Intel's C++ compiler, which he refers to as "one of the most powerful compilers out there." [3]


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