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Windmill Ministries is a Christian apologetics ministry. Windmill Ministries describes the ministry in the following manner:

The objectives of Windmill Ministries are threefold:

1. To equip Christians with factual evidence to strengthen their faith and enable them to defend their beliefs as well as share them with others.

2. To help non-believers to overcome intellectual stumbling blocks that keep them from turning to God and accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior.

3. To show the world that Christianity is not only for "the gullible" and children, but that it is based on solid historical and factual evidence.

Many people reject Christianity not for intellectual reasons, but for moral considerations. That is, their WILL does not want to submit to God; therefore their MIND explains and defends this rejection. For this reason we want to equip Christians and non-Christians with information that empowers them to identify and reject these intellectual objections by defending and explaining the Christian faith with objective and factual evidence.[1]

The motto of Windmill Ministries is “As the windmill can do nothing without the wind, so man can do nothing without God”.[2]

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