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Word Bible College is an accredited Bible college affiliated with Life Christian Church. The college was started by Dr. Stephen R. Johnson. He serves as the president of the college. Its main campus is in Escondido, California, but it also has extension schools around the world. They offer full programs with a diverse amount of courses and teachers.


A Leadership Training Certificate is offered at the completion of one year of studies. An associate's degree in Theology is offered at the completion of two years of studies, and the bachelor's degree of Theology is given to students who have completed four years of studies. The college also offers a master's degree of Ministry, as well as Doctorate Degree of Ministry for those wishing to complete up to that level.


Alumni have played a significant role not only within the local church, but also in congregations and missions works around the world. Word Bible College’s most prominent graduates are pastors King Rhodes, Kevin Harris, Abraham Fitch, Rocky Martinez, Sam Mendez and Ichiro Kuba.

Word Bible College has always focused on training men and women in practical ministry and theology. Students are trained to enter the ministry, support Pastors, be evangelists, as well as missionaries.

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