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Evangelism is the process by which one preaches their faith to others. There are many different forms of evangelism, though in the Western World it often refers to Christian evangelism. However, different religions - and different sects of those religions - approach evangelism differently. While many religions - such as Christianity - believe that evangelism is an essential part of the faith, it is particularly vital in Christianity, since every Christian has a duty to save the souls of their fellow human beings, as stated in the Bible.[1][2][3]

Christian conversion within a family statistics

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Patrick Morley wrote in his 1997 book The Man in the Mirror: "In a Denver crusade, Dr. Billy Graham spoke about this verse of Scripture (Acts 16:31), indicating that they had learned that in homes in which the father came to faith in Christ first, the entire family came to faith in sixty percent of the cases. When the wife came first, forty to fifty percent of the families all accepted Christ. And in families in which a child came to Christ first, twenty-five percent of them saw their entire family become Christians."[4]

4/14 movement

The 4/14 movement, also called the child evangelism movement, is a Christian missionary strategy that focuses on evangelizing children.

History of the 4/14 movement

According to Dr. Mark P. Gonzales:

This marvelous aphorism, popularized by pastor and writer Henry Blackaby 20 years ago, crystallizes how we should approach the Christian life. It is also a wonderful conceptual starting place in trying to describe a global movement of God that began to emerge in 2004. Since then, this 4-14 Movement has been rapidly growing like a powerful wave to catch — a great metaphor from Rick Warren’s first book, The Purpose Driven Church, where he compares a major move of God’s Spirit with the big wave that seasoned surfers seek to catch and ride. While it looks relatively easy to do when watching the sport from the beach, it is actually enormously difficult and requires critical timing and expert balance. Well, regarding the emerging 4-14 Movement, the wave is upon us. We don’t want you to miss it, and thus miss out on what God is doing.[5]

Interent evangelism and children

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