World History Homework Five Answers - Student Eight

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Olivia F. March 2, 2009 World History Homework Five

1. The “Five Pillars of Islam” are: • Submission to Allah • Pray to Allah five times a day while facing Mecca • Fasting during the whole month of Ramadan • Almsgiving • Pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in lifetime

Excellent, but note that the fasting is only during daylight hours.

2. One main difference between Islam and Christianity is that Christians wholeheartedly love God and we know that He loves us and that He is working for our good; Muslims only submit to Allah, they have no relationship with him.

Superb analysis.

3. My favorite is Charlemagne because he brought the importance of education back into his culture.

Excellent again!

4. I do believe that in the 8th century, most serfs were fortunate to have kind lords and therefore, were confident that they would always have: food, protection, a warm place to live, and a job.


[[5. The Sunnis’ control Saudi Arabia]] and are a calmer, friendlier people than the Shiites, who control Iran, and are hostile extremists.

Good analysis.

6. An interesting note about the Islamic population is that most countries are either completely Muslim or only slightly Muslim.

Right. Any suggestions as to why that is?

7. Five ancient South American civilizations are: • The Teotihuacan people (A.D. 100- 900), who worshipped gods, lived in suburbs, and had an upper class. • The Mayans (A.D. 300- 900), numbering 5- 16 million, are known as the “Greeks of the New World”. They used a yearly solar calendar, traded using different materials, and they did understand the concept of zero. • The Toltecs (A.D. 900- 1200) resided in northern Mexico and were fighters who were also conquered by the sword. • The Aztecs (A.D. 1200- 1521) were very warlike and also fell by the sword. However, they had ingeniously invented plots of floating land to grow food on. • The Incas (A.D. 1250- 1537) developed an immense empire in South America, which is considered to be the largest civilization in all of the Americas. They had an excellent system of messengers and soldiers, and they did not demand any type of tribute to the empire. As great as an empire as the Incans were, a disastrous civil war weakened it and was no match for the Spaniards when they arrived there from Europe.

Terrific analysis, even one more than requested!

H1. Almost every legend is partially based off of truth; therefore, there could have been a “King Arthur”, but perhaps not someone of royalty.

Good, may use as a model.

H3. I believe that the idea of chivalry is good; however, it has now become a bit outdated.


H6. I do not believe that “faith” can be properly applied to any other religion because most religions either believe in multiple gods with human desires and temptations or one god that acts on “whims.”

Fascinating answer! May use that as a model.
Superb insights! 100/100. Perfect!