World History Homework Four Answers - Student Eleven

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DanielleR- done

1.Justinian was probably my favorite Roman Emperor (eastern half) because he created the Justinian Code that was used for over 900 years and proved very effective.

Excellent, may use as a model!

2.The Republic (509-27 BC ) had no emperor and had much less corruption because the plebeians were in power. And the Roman Empire (27 BC – AD 476) had emperors, giving one person all the power- a recipe for disaster.


3.The Empire in the East had much less attacks and lasted a lot longer than the West did.


4.Latin is a powerful language. Although it is not as complete as languages today, it gave its people influence with their words. It also united Rome in such a way that they were difficult to defeat- giving Rome much power.

Good insight.

5.Pax Romana was the time of peace for Rome (27 BC – AD 180) when the ‘Five Good Emperors’ ruled.


6.We are currently in an economic crisis, which is similar to Rome’s economy before declining, and we have put the corrupt in power (like our President appointing people in power who get our tax money, but don’t pay theirs). Rome had tax collectors that overcharged its citizens and kept the money for itself- again, I’m seeing a similarity.

Terrific, may use as a model!

7.(a) Everything, if discussed thoroughly, can either lead towards God or the Devil (in a Christians case anyway). I think that saying everything can be put under the two categories of paving the way or obstructing it, is a little too broad. I would heartily agree that God sent Jesus at the absolute perfect time- culture, language, and religion-wise, but to say that the invention of something as small as, let’s say, a spoon- I don’t think that it would make that huge of an impact.

Superb again.
Terrific insights, with several potential model answers! 70/70. Congratulations!--Andy Schlafly 13:22, 3 March 2009 (EST)