World History Homework Seven Answers - Student Nine

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Jenna N.

1.Approximately when and where did the Renaissance occur?

The Renaissance started in Florence, Italy and spread throughout all of Europe from the 1300s all the way into the 1700s.


2. Martin Luther: who was he, what did he do, and when did he do it?

Martin Luther was a devout Christian who lived in the early 1500s. He objected to many things that the Catholic Church was doing and made this known by nailing 95 objections to a church door in a German part of Europe. He took this stand in Germany in 1517.

Correct again!

3. What was the Baroque style, and what was its motivation?

The Baroque style was a form of art that focused on using shadows to illuminate selective figures. Artists were motivated to use the Baroque style to try to accurately depict the emotions of religious characters.

Good analysis.

4. Summarize the history of the English language.

The original English language is very different from modern day English. Old English developed around A.D. 450. Middle English was used during medieval times and shortly after the end of the Middle Ages Modern English developed.

Concise and correct.

5. Chinese dynasties (any one or all), Vietnam, Korea and Cambodia: take your pick and write about one.

The Khmer Empire existed in modern day Cambodia in A.D. 1200. It blossomed through rice production and trade with China and India. This empire built the Angkor Wat and dedicated it to Hindu gods. The Siamese destroyed the Khmer empire in the 14th century. The Khmer empire made such an impact on Cambodia that it became part of the official name of Cambodia in the 1970s.


6. H3. What was the effect of the Reformation, or what is your view of it?

The Reformation really hurt Europe as a whole. I believe that Europe will never be as powerful as it was before it was torn in two by the Reformation.

Good insight about tearing Europe apart. Endless war followed for hundreds of years. Will use as a model.

7. H7. Dante's great work about Hell: something we should hear more about today? Your view, please.

We should hear more about hell in our society today. Hell is real, and hell is not a place that anyone wants to end up. I was once talking to an atheist and suggested to her that wouldn't it be better to be safe than sorry. She brushed me off by saying that 'if' hell was real, then she was going to have a party there. It is sad to see how many people are completely ignorant of the what hell is really going to be like.

You're exactly right. The less talk about hell, the more people thumb their nose at God. We don't get rid of prisons. Why do we stop talking about Hell? Imagine what life would be like if there was no criminal punishment. Nobody, not even atheists, would want to like in such a society.
Well done! 70/70. Perfect!