Xiahou Dun

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Xiahou Dun was a general under his cousin Cao Cao. He joined his cousin when he first raised an army to fight against Cao Cao. He fought many battles and was known as "the Blind Xiahou".

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Xiahou Dun
Chinese 夏侯惇

When Cao Cao first raised his army against Dong Zhuo, he joined as an officer. After Dong Zhuo's defeat and death he fought against the warrior Lu Bu's army. At one battle he was hit in the eye by an arrow fired by Cao Xing. He then stopped ripped the arrow out along with the eye still attached and said, "Essence of my father, blood of my mother, I cannot throw this away" then to the horror of everyone present he ate the eye. Immediately after eating his own eye he chased down Cao Xing and butchered him with a spear. After this event he began to take more roles in land development then battles.