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Xiahou Yuan (Simplified: 夏侯渊; Traditional: 夏侯淵; Hanyu pinyin: Xiàhóu Yuān; Wade-Giles: Hsiahou Yuan) was a general under Cao Cao during the Three Kingdoms period of China.

Xiahou Yuan was born in the county of Qiao. He was a cousin of Cao Cao and very close to him, even during their younger days. Allegedly, a young Xiahou Yuan once Xiahou Yuan took the blame for a crime committed by Cao Cao, though he was later acquitted through efforts by Cao Cao. In 190, he joined Cao Cao's coalition against Dong Zhuo. He stayed with Cao Cao after that, becoming a general after the Battle of Guandu.

Xiahou Yuan's record as a general was mixed. He was repeatedly defeated by Ma Chao, but he ultimately succeeded in defeating Han Sui, Ma Chao's lord. He died at Mount Dingjun, killed by Huang Zhong.