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This is a list of commonly observed deceitful arguments by pro-abortionists, and their fallacies:

  1. Abortion advocates are pro-choice.[1] IN FACT, abortion advocates oppose informed consent about the long-term harm from abortion.[2]
  2. Abortion is pro-women. IN FACT, abortion advocates oppose regulations that require safer facilities[3] and hospital admitting privileges for emergencies.[4]
  3. Abortion saves money.[5] IN FACT, most people make far more money than they spend, and eliminating a life is very costly economically.[6]
  4. Abortion does not cause infertility.[7][8] IN FACT, the abortion operation sometimes directly causes infertility;[9] also fertility declines sharply with age and it is more difficult for a women to conceive at a future time,[10] and abortion has led to 25% of girls (over 50% of sexually active girls) having sexually transmitted diseases that cause infertility.[11][12]
  5. The National Cancer Institute says abortion does not cause breast cancer.[13] IN FACT, that was only a 3-day flawed workshop with a pre-ordained political conclusion.[14]
  6. The Harvard abortion study disproved harm from abortion. IN FACT, the study showed a sharp increase in the deadly progesterone receptor-negative (PR-) breast cancer.[15]
  7. The Lancet abortion article disproved harm from abortion. IN FACT, the Lancet study showed that 33 out of 39 large studies of breast cancer patients had an increased risk of breast cancer from abortion beyond the effect of avoiding a pregnancy.[16][17]
  8. Denying that childbirth is healthy. IN FACT, all scientists and studies agree that childbirth is highly preventive of cancer in women, and abortion destroys that benefit.[18]
  9. Relying on biased media accounts of abortion studies. IN FACT, liberal media often distort the actual scientific findings.[19]
  10. Treating a small study that denies harm as equivalent to a large study that indicates harm. IN FACT, studies showing harm are larger than those that deny it.
  11. Abortionists deny covering up child abuse. IN FACT, abortionists refuse to allow independent verification of the age of their girls operated on.[20]
  12. Abortion clinics plead poverty to excuse deplorable conditions for women-patients.[21] IN FACT, Planned Parenthood—the nation's largest abortion provider—enjoys an annual profit of over $50 million.[22]
  13. Through censorship and bullying, create the false impression that most students support abortion. IN FACT, most students oppose abortion.[23]
  14. Create the false impression that physicians support abortion. IN FACT, an abortion group's Residency Training Initiative (RTI) "requires all OB/GYN residents in the City's 11 public hospitals be trained in both medical and surgical abortion."[24]


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