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According to the United Nations, Russia has the highest incidence of abortion in the world at a staggering 53.7 per 1000 live births[1] (amongst women aged 15–44). In 1920 Russia was the first country to legalize abortion for any reason although it was later banned between 1936 and 1954 by Josef Stalin.

By 1959 the average woman in Russia was having four abortions in her lifetime. With the collapse of communism that number has fallen by more than 50%.[2]

Currently, abortion on demand is available during the first trimester[3] but up to 22 weeks for "social reasons". For "medical necessity" it may be performed at any time during pregnancy. It is reported that 20% of abortions are performed on women under the age of majority.

Other former Soviet satellite states (Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Romania & Ukraine) also have higher abortion rates than the United States. Other communist countries such as Cuba (24.8‰) and China (24.2‰) also have high rates of abortion.

Conservative president Vladimir Putin tries to reduce the number of abortions. Since 2013 abortion ads are banned in Russia.[4] Putin also promotes a higher birth rate.[5]

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