Allied Powers of World War II

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The term Allied Powers (or simply Allies) refers to the union of countries that fought against the Central Powers in World War I and the Axis Powers in World War II. The exact make-up of nations within the Allied Powers was different during each war. The major allied powers during both World Wars were Britain, France, Russia and America.

Allies of World War II

Neutrals in 1939

Oslo Group of States

Original Allies

Allied to the British Commonwealth

Allied to the Soviet Comintern

Allied to the Pan American Union

21 members in full[2] [3] (Final Act of the Second Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the American Republics at Habana, Cuba, July 30, 1940)

Atlantic Charter

The Atlantic Conference : Resolution of September 24, 1941

The Polish government in exile, after 1939 fought on several fronts with hundreds of thousand of members in the Polish Army in France and UK, as well as the Home Army in occupied Poland. The Soviet Union however, did not recognize the government and in 1943 organized the Polish People's Army under Rokossovsky, around which eventually became the post-war successor state.

United Nations Declaration

Declaration by United Nations, January 1, 1942

(Note from source document: During 1942 the Declaration was adhered to by Mexico, the Commonwealth of the Philippines, and Ethiopia; in the first four months of 1943, it was adhered to by Iraq, Brazil, and Bolivia).

Four Power Declaration

Joint Four Nation Declaration, Moscow Conference, October, 1943

Tripartite Treaty of Alliance

29 January 1942


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