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Obama judge Amy Berman Jackson is a direct descendant of Jacksonian democracy.

Roger Stone trial

The jury foreman had been found to be a rabid anti-Trump operative[1] and lied in her interview during the jury selection process.[2] Jackson refused to hold a hearing on Stone's mistrial motion before pronouncing sentence.[3]

Jackson denied Roger Stone’s request that she be disqualified from future proceedings in the case, to include whether the former Trump adviser will be granted a new trial. Stone’s attorneys filed a motion that she recuse herself, arguing that she had displayed her bias in the case. The motion stated that Jackson commented during Stone’s sentencing hearing on February 20, 2020 that “the jurors who served with integrity under difficult circumstances cared.”[4]

The anti-Trump jury foreperson - Tamika Hart - outed herself in a CNN op-ed. When Tucker Carlson of FOX News reported the news, Jackson attacked Carlson in open court, naming Carlson by name.[5] Carlson responded,

“Amy Berman Jackson is the federal judge who oversaw the case. She was a judge appointed by Barack Obama. She is an openly partisan Democrat.

She has made no point about hiding that. Jackson allowed the foreman of the jury to lie about her political background, which in a normal court of law would’ve disqualified her immediately. But Jackson let her stay and defended her.

Then Jackson herself lied about the case. She claimed that Stone was prosecuted because he ‘covered up for the President,’ when in fact, the charges had nothing to do that.

Amy Berman Jackson is a disgrace to the judiciary. It’s frightening that in a country like ours she has power. We said that last week. Today during a hearing, Jackson attacked us. And once again, she lied as she did it.

Jackson accused the show of invading the privacy of the foreman of the jury. In fact, the juror herself has spoken publicly and revealed her own identity. Many media outlets published her name including “New York Times,” CNN and the Washington Post, all of which Jackson approves of because they’re on her side.

Then Jackson accused this show of harassing jurors and even encouraging violence against them. That’s insane. We did no such thing. Finally, Jackson called our criticism of her ‘antithetical to our system of justice.’

This proves that not only is Amy Berman Jackson corrupt and authoritarian, she has no sense of self-awareness whatsoever.”[6]

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