Andrea del Verrocchio

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Andrea del Verrocchio (Florence, ca. 1435 - Venice, 1488) Italian sculptor and painter. Verrocchio excelled most in sculpture with works like: Piero and Giovanni de’Medici (1472) , Christ and Doubting Thomas (1467–83, on Bronze) and Equestrian Monument of Colleoni (ca. 1483 - 1488, Bronze); and in the field of painting Baptism of Christ, (1475).

Verrocchio was one of the leading artists of late 15th-century in Florence. He is mainly celebrated as a sculptor, though a number of important painters trained in his studio, including Leonardo da Vinci. [1]

Bartolomeo Colleoni, bronze statue, ca. 1483 - 1488.
Baptism of Christ, 1475.

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