Atheistic North Korea and cyber crime

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North Korea practices state atheism.[1][2]

In an article entitled North Korean hackers tied to massive global theft Politico reported:

North Korean government hackers have made off with hundreds of millions of dollars by targeting financial institutions globally, then hiding their tracks with destructive cyberattacks, a cybersecurity firm said Wednesday.[3]

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  2. Elizabeth Raum. North Korea. Series: Countries Around the World. Heinemann, 2012. ISBN 1432961330. p. 28: «North Korea is an atheist state. This means that people do not pray in public or attend places of worship. Buddhist temples exist from earlier times. They are now preserved as historic buildings, but they are not used for worship. A few Christian churches exist, but few people attend services. North Koreans do not celebrate religious holidays.»
  3. North Korean hackers tied to massive global theft, Politico, 2018