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An Autonomous Region (自治区, Zizhiqu) is a part of the People's Republic of China which was historically inhabited by a majority population different to the majority Han Chinese people who form the majority of China's population, or which is populated by a substantial ethnic minority population. According to China's constitution, Autonomous Regions may enact their own legislation where local conditions require, subject to the approval of the National People's Congress. Autonomous Regions also use their own official languages in addition to Chinese, although proficiency in Mandarin Chinese is required if one desires a good education or job. Unlike Special Administrative Regions, there are no separate visa requirements for Autonomous Regions, although foreigners are required to have permits for travel to Tibet. Autonomous Regions also use the same currency (Renminbi) and legal system as the rest of Mainland China. The government head of an Autonomous Region is required to be from the same ethnic group as the Region. However, this requirement is subverted by the presence of a Communist Party Secretary who is almost always from the Han majority, and in whose hands the real power resides.

List of Autonomous Regions

Guangxi Zhuang AR (广西壮族自治区 Guangxi Zhuang Zu Zizhiqu

Nei Mongol AR (Inner Mongolia) (内蒙古自治区 Nei Menggu Zizhiqu)

Ningxia Hui AR (宁夏回族自治区 Ningxia Hui Zu Zizhiqu)

Tibet AR (西藏自治区 Xizang Zizhiqu)

Xinjiang Uygur AR (新疆维吾尔自治区 Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu)