Barack Obama's "Last chance at dinner" fundraising letter

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Barack Obama's "Last chance at dinner" fundraising letter describes a series of letters to potential donors from Barack Obama's 2012 presidential campaign. The letter's pitch attempts to paint Obama as being for the little guy. Complete with dubious details such as "Our campaign rejects all contributions from Washington lobbyists." As with the preceding letters, Obama is asking the reader to "send $3 dollars." [1] It is illegal to raise campaign donations with a chance raffle for a dinner date.

From: Barack Obama

Subject: Last chance at dinner Date: September 30, 2011 10:56:26 AM EDT To: Drew Reply-To:

Drew —

Because you and I don’t have a lot of chances to have dinner together, I hope you’ll take advantage of the one that’s coming up this fall.

So if you’ve been sitting on this, now’s the time to toss your name in the hat:

I like these dinners not just because I get to hear from supporters like you, but because they’re part of what makes our organization different.

Other campaigns save seats at the table for special-interest PACs and Washington lobbyists — and you can see the effects in the decisions they make and the priorities they set.

Our campaign rejects all contributions from Washington lobbyists, and we refuse all money from corporate PACs. That means we’re accountable only to the people, not special interests.

Instead, we’re relying on millions of people like you giving just $3 or whatever you can pitch in.

Hope to see you soon:



Contest winners announced

The dinner location was revealed as Liberty Tavern in Clarendon, Va. The contest winners were Ken Knight, from Chandler, Ariz.; Juanita Martinez, from Brighton, Co.; Casey Helbling, from Minneapolis, MN. and Wendi Smith, from Corydon, Indiana.[2] The four winners were flown to D.C. by the Obama campaign. The amount donated was not revealed but it was at least $3 or more.

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