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Best arguments against homosexuality

The best arguments against homosexuality are as follows:

Top ten arguments

  1. Homosexuality is unhealthy, and it's better to encourage people to adopt healthier lifestyles.[1] See also: Homosexuality and health
  2. It's not pro-life - it leads to various diseases, physical and psychological disorders and early death among those who practice homosexual behavior.[2]
  3. It's anti-Bible - no other conduct is condemned as much by the Bible as homosexuality.[3]
  4. There is no love or monogamy in a homosexual relationship, which is little more than two lust-driven individuals using each other as objects for sexual gratification while engaging in promiscuity and consensual affairs on the side. Treating people as objects for personal pleasure, even if consensual, gradually degrades into further and further sexual dysfunction and devalues human life.
  5. It's infringing on more important freedoms, like freedom of religion and speech.[4]
  6. It's another Leftist political movement, which Communists support.[5]
  7. It's promoted far too much by the liberal media - if the lifestyle were good, then why would liberal censorship of criticism be necessary?
  8. People should be (and have been) able to leave the lifestyle if they want to, so why are homosexuals working hard to ban conversion therapy?
  9. Homosexuals are wealthier than heterosexuals, so homosexuals don't need any more handouts like benefits for same-sex couples.
  10. It's an anti-Christian movement - why aren't homosexual activists suing Islamic or Hindu bakers for not serving same-sex "marriage"?
  11. It's a selfish movement - notice how billionaire homosexuals are not setting up hospitals as Christians have?

Additional arguments

A study by the Canadian government states that "violence was twice as common among homosexual couples compared with heterosexual couples".[6]
  1. We should believe in real marriage instead. Homosexual men in so-called same-sex "marriages" generally engage in sexual relations outside their so-called "marriages" (see: Homosexuality and promiscuity). Homosexual couples have higher rates of domestic violence (see: Homosexual couples and domestic violence). Pathologists have indicated that homosexual homicides are quite common and leading pathologists have noted that homosexual homicides frequently display brutality/overkill (see: Homosexuality and murder).
  2. Homosexual corruption has become too big of a problem in our country and elsewhere.
  3. There is no "gay gene" and studies of twins prove this, supporting the idea that it is a lifestyle choice (see: Homosexuality and genetics).
  4. Homosexuality is treating people as objects for personal pleasure. When people begin to allow themselves to use people as tools then anything and everything that gives one pleasure is eventually justified. People move one step further to justifying rape, robbery, murder, pedophilia, any other act that they find pleasurable.
  5. The homosexual agenda is the wrong direction for our country.
  6. Many horrific crimes have been committed by men caught up in the homosexual lifestyle; there are so many examples of this that listing them here would be futile.
  7. According to Psychology Today, "Among youth who identify as sexual minorities, the likelihood of death by suicide has been estimated to be two to seven times greater than the likelihood of death by suicide among heterosexual youth (Haas et al., 2011)".[7]
  8. States and local communities should be deciding this, not a few out-of-touch liberal activist "justices" in D.C.
  9. Bible believing Christians, other faiths against homosexuality and churches have rights too (see: Homosexuality and religious liberty).
  10. Disordered conduct is the wrong direction for individuals and our Nation.
  11. Ancient Romans/Greek committed many homosexual acts and their decadent empires declined and fell.

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  1. This argument worries the Left. One hospital recently fired a physician for informing the public about the health risks of homosexuality.
  2. Nothing the Left can do about this argument, which resonates well with the increasingly pro-life youth.
  3. The Bible even condemns those who approve of homosexuality. See Romans 1:32.
  4. The recent attacks on people of faith (like Kim Davis, Colorado baker Jack Phillips, former Atlanta fire chief Kelvan Cochran and Oregon bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein, among others) who oppose homosexuality and same-sex "marriage", which are either not reported in the mainstream media or get twisted to favor the liberal viewpoint when they are reported, bear this truth out.
  5. Not surprising, as Communists always want the opposite of what's best for American society, simply for the sake of being contrarian; in fact, it is Goal #26 of the 1963 Communist goals for America (which presumes to "Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as 'normal, natural, healthy'",[1] despite it being exactly the opposite) However, in atheistic communist states homosexuality was suppressed.
  7. Why Are Suicide Rates Higher Among LGBTQ Youth?

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