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Directed by Mel Gibson
Sophie Marceau
Produced by Bruce Davey
Mel Gibson
Alan Ladd, Jr.
Stephen McEveety
Written by Randall Wallace
Starring Mel Gibson
Music by James Horner
Cinematography John Toll
Editing by Steven Rosenblum
Distributed by Icon Entertainment International
The Ladd Company
20th Century Fox
B.H. Finance C.V.
Release date(s) May 24, 1995
Running time 177 min
Country USA
Language English
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Braveheart is a motion picture released in 1995, directed by and starring Mel Gibson in the title role. It is loosely based on the career of the medieval Scottish warlord William Wallace in his fight for Scottish independence against Edward I of England. The film is R-rated for the very large amount of blood and gore. A sequel called Robert the Bruce was released in 2019.