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William Wallace (c. 1270 - August 23, 1305) was a fighter for Scottish independence after King Edward I of England conquered Scotland in 1296 A.D. Wallace defeated the Earl of Warenne in the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 and then went on the offensive by raiding into Northumberland and Durham in England. Edward himself led an invasion of Scotland and defeated Wallace at the (first) Battle of Falkirk destroying his army. It was one of the first major uses of the longbow by the English. Wallace himself was later betrayed, captured and executed in 1305.

Wallace was the subject of the 1995 movie Braveheart where he was portrayed by Mel Gibson. The film is, however, not a historically accurate portrayal of the life of William Wallace.

Alleged Height

He was believed to have measured from 6ft 5" (195cm) to 6ft 7" (200cm)