Breathing Words

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Breathing Words
Breathing Words.jpg
Author Ehsan Sehgal
Year Published 2017
Language English

Breathing Words is a collection of prose poems authored by acclaimed Dutch-Pakistani poet, writer, and journalist Ehsan Sehgal.[1][2][3]


Breathing Words is a prose poetry collection; in the book, most of the poems are in a rhyme of feeling and thoughts.[1]


I Lost My Life For Nothing

I left my country
I came, in a strange land
The strange city
The strange ways
The stranger people
The strange language
Even the strange surroundings
I felt alone
I missed my beloved ones
I wanted to gain my career
I desired to learn and know
The wonder of the world
For that
I faced and bore
And wore the painful time
I struggled and struggled
Even though,
Time became, enemy of life
I stood firm, to win at every cost
I sold my heart, mind, and soul
In the hands of an opportunist,
And cunning and liar one
Who used me, years and years
I lost, my dreams, career,
And life for nothing, but pain,
Sorrow, sorry and tears
That one threw me out
After entirely breaking me
I was once again alone
Holding the passport,
With my broken heart, dream
Career and even life
I have not the control, on my tears
I cannot turn the time that I lost
I feel still a stranger
I miss you, oh my motherland. [4]

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