The Wise Way

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The Wise Way
Book Cover of The Wise Way.jpg
Author Ehsan Sehgal
Year Published 2010
Language English

The Wise Way is a collection of quotes, which discuss the various aspects of life. Its author is Ehsan Sehgal an acclaimed[1] Dutch-Pakistani poet, writer and journalist.[2] The book is published in English and Urdu. It was also published in Dutch as De Wijze Weg.[3][4]

Summary of book

The Wise Way is a collection of quotes, which describe the various aspects of human life. It published in English and Urdu/Hindustani.[3] It was also translated into Dutch with the assistance of Naeem Arif and was published from Belgium in 2010.[5]

Book review

A well-known writer Amjad Parvez writes, "Sehgal also comments on many aspects of life like any one of us does in everyday life but is different in the regard that he has penned his observations down in the form of quotations. He advises the younger generation to keep the values of their elders in mind otherwise they shall end up as a confused generation".[3]

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