The Writing That Fragrances

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The Writing That Fragrances
The Writing That Fragrances.jpg
Author Ehsan Sehgal
Year Published 2018
Language English

The Writing That Fragrances is a collection of quotations authored by acclaimed Dutch-Pakistani poet, writer, and journalist Ehsan Sehgal.[1][2]


The Writing That Fragrances is a collection of the quotations; in the book, the author expressed his views about literature, philosophy, psychology, and social sciences.[1]


  • Sowing bullets and waiting for peace, fail to match that.
  • Ride upon your anger, never let anger, ride upon your senses.
  • The time never comes back; however, the memories stay in mind forever.
  • Travel upon the time, never let the time, for travel upon you.
  • The unknown and silent risk of life is love, in that everyone falls in.[3]

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