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Britney Spears (born December 2, 1981) is an American pop singer who catapulted to fame by claiming to have "strong morals" talk [1] while doing everything she could to flout traditional morality and religion.

Her 1998 hit song and video "Baby One More Time" depicts her in an altered Catholic school uniform leading other schoolgirls in flaunting her sexuality.

While professing to be a virgin, Spears became a magnet of popular attention. During this period rumors spread that she had lost her virginity to her then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake but the couple soon split thereafter. After that, she plunged headlong into the concert and recording industry, exploiting her "pop tart" persona with stunts such as a televised lesbian kiss with her mentor Madonna Ciccone and a short-lived Las Vegas marriage.

She married back-up dancer Kevin Federline in 2004 and gave birth to their two children before the couple divorced in 2006. Spears and Federline initially had joint custody of the children, but a court granted Federline sole custody after Spears was charged with hit-and-run and driving without a license in late 2007. Early in 2008, she was carried from her house in a stretcher and later involuntarily held in a psychiatric ward. Control of Spears finances has been temporarily ceded to her father.


  1. Spears, 17, poses in hot pants and a push-up bra for her first Rolling Stone cover. "What's the big deal?" she asks the magazine. "I have really strong morals, and just because I look sexy on the cover of Rolling Stone doesn't mean I'm a naughty girl." People magazine

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