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The Cabinet of the United Kingdom is a body consisting of the most senior ministers in the government of the United Kingdom, headed by the Prime Minister. Formally a committee of the Privy Council, it is the main executive body of the British Government. Traditionally, the Cabinet meets weekly on a Thursday morning. All members of the Cabinet are drawn from either the House of Commons or the House of Lords.

In recent years, some ex-ministers (notably Clare Short) have alleged that under the government of current prime minister Tony Blair, Cabinet meetings have lost their decision-making role; according to a former senior civil servant, Lord Butler, the Blair cabinet "took one decision in eight months", with other decisions being made by the Prime Minister and his close advisers.[1]

Members of the Cabinet

December 2007

This was the composition of the Cabinet following the selection of Gordon Brown as the Prime Minister of Great Britan on December 7, 2007:[2]

May 2010

under construction

May 2015

under construction

July 2016

under construction

The Shadow Cabinet

The Shadow Cabinet is the group of senior politicians in the official opposition party (currently the Labour Party) who mirror the roles of Cabinet members. If the opposition party secures a majority in the House of Commons and is invited to form a government, the members of the Shadow Cabinet typically form the new Cabinet.


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