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Carl Bernstein was one of the reporters for the Washington Post who broke the news about the Watergate Affair. Bernstein now works for the fake news network CNN.

Trump-Russia hoaxer

See also: Trump-Russia collusion hoax and Fake news

The FBI, under its corrupt director and deputy director James Comey and Andrew McCabe, attempted to influence the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election from its highest levels. After the FBI's failure to help Hillary Clinton win the presidency, CNN colluded with the FBI to plant the seeds of a false narrative commonly known as "Trump-Russia" in order to hamstring the incoming Trump administration and prevent it from uncovering FBI wrongdoing and illegal activity. Jim Sciutto, Evan Perez and Carl Bernstein were coordinating the attack against Trump through Jake Tapper’s show. The FBI small group were well aware of what the CNN crew were planning. FBI Spokesperson Mike Kortan was coordinating the narrative on behalf of the FBI team. The FBI knew the underlying premise was entirely false as did the CNN crew as well.[1]

Clinton crony

The New York Times noted before the 2016 primary election season began that the ’90s Scandals Threaten to Erode Hillary Clinton’s Strength With Women, and Hillary Clinton certainly was not, by any account, a victim, or a victim of her husband's faithlessness.[2] In the recent book, The Clinton's War on Women, the authors cite a sociological phenomena known as elite deviance in a society where the elites no longer believe the rules apply to them and their behavior is justified and facilitated by a cadre of sycophants, apologists, supporters, and surrogates collectively known as the Clinton smear machine.[3][4]

To locate, stalk, harass, and intimidate the women, Betsy Wright was put in charge of the operation. According to ernstein, "Betsy's operation became known as 'The Defense Department', and Wright was sometimes known as the 'secretary of defense'"[5] For this Jack Palladino, Terry Lenzner, Ivan Duda, Jerry Parks,[6] Anthony Pellicano, and others were employed.[7][8][9] To silence the women, all sorts of threats and intimidation were common, such as murdering the family pet on the doorstep or blatant threats against the lives of their children.[10][11] Pornographer impresario Larry Flynt was called to boot a $1,000,000 reward to anybody to come forward with sexual innuendo, whether true or not, to attack Clinton's enemies with.[12]

To politicsl opponents and the women, Clinton surrogates routinely use the material, truth not being a factor, dug up by Hillary's investigator's to slime anyone publicly who wouldn't fall into line. A lawsuit filed just days after it became evident Trump was considering using the case of Jeffrey Epstein in the election was intended to neutralize criticism.[13] And the surrogates relish their jobs. Indeed, many Clinton supporters believe this is the essence of politics — slander, defamation, and demonization people.

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