Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

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The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart is a private Italian university of catholic-scientific inspiration, with a central campus in Milano and secundary campuses in Rome, Brescia and Piacenza

The Catholic University offers a great number of academic pathis, with its 14 faculties and 4 interfaculties, for example the faculties of economics, law, political sciences, medicine, philosophy, languages, mathematics and physics. The medicine faculty is linked to a web of 8 hospitals, scattered in Rome, Milano and other cities.


The Catholic University was created in 1919 by famous persons involved in the religious and cultural fields, like Agostino Gemelli, Ludovico Necchi, Francesco Olgiati, and Ernesto Lombardo.

Since then, it has costantly expanded, improving its facilities and offering to students. It is the only university in Milan to posses an entire zone in the old city, instead of scattered buildings that require costant movements. Recently, it has bought one of the biggest police barracks in Milan, right in front of the central building, starting a new plan of a "super-campus"

High schools

The High Schools are excellence structures which gather the master-level degrees offered by the University in 5 macro-areas.

The High schools are:

  • Almed: High school in Media, Communication and Spectacle,
  • Aseri: High school in Economics and International Relationships
  • Asag: High school in psychology "Agostino Gemelli"
  • Altis: High school companies and society
  • Smea: High school in agrarian economy