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A celebrity is a widely known individual. Actors and musical artists are often considered celebrities. While some celebrities are famous for discoveries or works that benefit humanity, increasingly the liberal media are promoting and extolling 'celebrities' who have no real achievements to their credit: reality TV 'stars', relatives of the rich and famous, and those who are 'famous for being famous'. Great amounts of attention are paid to the immodesty, the drug-taking habits and promiscuous relationships of such 'celebrities', without any moral disapproval of such behaviour being voiced.

Celebrity atheists

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The American Media Group wrote about celebrity atheists:

Celebrity atheists are everywhere and it’s not hard to wonder why. After all, with so much adulation and praise, entertainers have become their own religious figures in a sense. Their celebrity has become something to worship and actors such as George Clooney and Brad Pitt are at the forefront. These celebs have chosen to forgo a higher power in exchange for something a little more glamorous.[1]

Recently, the actor Brad Pitt confessed he was never an atheist and just pretended to be out of rebellion.[2]

The Scientology cult uses celebrities to recruit followers (see also: Atheist cults).[3][4] The cult of personality surrounding Richard Dawkins is similar to the cult of Scientology (See: Richard Dawkins' cult of personality).[5]

The atheist website Atheist Revolution declared about segments of the atheist population:

We've seen various cliques emerge, some of which have largely abandoned critical thinking for dogma. This mutual admiration society strikes me as being antithetical to free thought, as similar ideas are rewarded through promotion while diverse perspectives receive less attention. This sets the stage for a type of groupthink that runs counter to big tent atheism...

By elevating some in our movement to the level of celebrities, I fear we have cheapened it through irrational hero worship.[6]

In 2018, the atheist PZ Myers wrote: "I noticed the “troubling turn” about 8 years ago, as more and more atheists began to rally around two themes: the Glorious Leaders who were fonts of inarguable Reason & Logic, and a definition of atheism that exempted them from all social responsibility or ethical obligation."[7][8] See also: Atheism and groupthink

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