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The American Media Group wrote about celebrity atheists: "Celebrity atheists are everywhere and it’s not hard to wonder why. After all, with so much adulation and praise, entertainers have become their own religious figures in a sense. Their celebrity has become something to worship and actors such as George Clooney and Brad Pitt are at the forefront. These celebs have chosen to forgo a higher power in exchange for something a little more glamorous."[2]

The actor Brad Pitt confessed he was never an atheist and just pretended to be one out of rebellion (see also: Causes of atheism).[3]

Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia founded by an atheist and agnostic, has an entire article entitled List of atheists in film, radio, television and theater[4]

Celebrity atheist list

Below is a list of celebrity atheists :

Gene Roddenberry was the creator of the Star Trek franchise

The crew of the Enterprise from the original 1960s show.

New Atheism and celebrity atheists

The new atheist Sam Harris said concerning the label of atheist, "It's right next to child molester as a designation."(see also: Distrust of atheists)[37][38] See: Distrust of atheists

See also: Atheism and mass murder and Irreligion/religion and war and Atheism and violence

The article Why the arguments of the ‘New Atheists’ are often just as violent as religion states:

Celebrity atheists such as Richard Dawkins appear to claim the moral high ground when it comes to violence. Dawkins, along with Sam Harris and the late Christopher Hitchens, insist that because religion is intrinsically violent, then atheism is inherently more pacific. After all, if all the evils in the world can be blamed on religion, then arguably eliminating religion is not only desirable but a moral obligation for atheists who believe in peace.

Yet our research shows that in the War on Terror, these atheists have been surprisingly willing to align themselves with policies which are at least as violent – and in some cases more so – than many of those perpetrated in the name of religion...

Their arguments are not new. But, unlike more ponderous academic atheist philosophers, they seemingly cultivated combative and acerbic, media-savvy personae. Their success at writing bestselling books, giving engaging public talks and cultivating a global following through social media, has made them minor celebrities. For example, Dawkins has been depicted in South Park, Family Guy and The Simpsons – and even made a cameo appearance in Dr. Who.[39]

Overlap between celebrity atheists and Hollywood

A study found that atheists were more likely to be seen as narcissistic than religious believers - especially male atheists.[40] See also: Atheism and arrogance and Atheism and narcissism

See also: Hollywood values and Atheism and morality and Atheism and arrogance and Atheism and narcissism

One of the reasons why there is overlap between celebrities and atheists is their similar respective value systems (see: Hollywood values and Atheism and morality).

In addition, many famous actors/actresses have inflated egos as do many atheists (see: Atheism and arrogance and Atheism and narcissism).

For example, an article in The Daily Illini (a newspaper at the University of Illinois) indicated: "It’s awards season yet again, and I for one feel overwhelmed with the amount of awards shows that seem to exist purely for stoking the already inflated egos of Hollywood."[41]

Errant celebrity atheists lists

See also: Atheists inflating the number of atheists and Definition of atheism and Atheism and deception

Many celebrity/famous atheists lists have a tendency to inflate their list by claiming agnostics to be atheists or even claiming theists as being atheists (see: Atheists inflating the number of atheists and Atheism and deception).

Part of the problem is the some atheists/agnostics give vague responses in relation to the existence of God when asked which is partly due to much of the public having unfavorable views towards atheists (see: Views on atheists and Distrust of atheists and Closet atheist). Also, there are various definitions of atheism.

Celebrity atheist lists and celebrity sports figures

Numerous studies report that athletes to be more religious than non-athletes.[42]

See also: Sports performance: Religious faith vs. atheism

Numerous studies report that athletes to be more religious than non-athletes (see: Sports performance: Religious faith vs. atheism).[42]

Celebrity atheists lists are extremely sparse when it comes to very well-known celebrity atheist athletes.

On the other hand, Christianity/theism has an abundance of well-known sports athletes associated with it.[43][44] And Christian athletes commonly ascribe their success to God's blessing and thank God for their victories.[45]

Atheism and its reliance on celebrity atheists

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg was turned into a Temple of Reason by the Cult of Reason. See: Atheist cults

The Scientology cult uses celebrities to recruit followers (see also: Atheist cults).[46][47] The cult of personality surrounding Richard Dawkins is similar to the cult of Scientology (See: Richard Dawkins' cult of personality).

Stratfor Advisory Services, which provide global enterprises predictive, customized intelligence assessments, wrote about violent ideologies and their recruitment methods:

A few weeks ago I wrote about how uncannily similar today's jihadists are to the anarchists who came a century before them...

For one, both types of terrorists rely on celebrity ideologues to recruit and radicalize new followers. Consider the modern jihadist movement, which has trotted out a procession of thought leaders to fill its ranks and fundraise.[48]

Secular leftism has a history of being violent and murderous (see: Atheism and mass murder). See also: Atheism and violence and Left-wing violence in the Trump era and Donald Trump and American atheists and Intolerance of militant atheism and militant Islam

As far as atheism and anarchism, according to the website The Atheist Scholar:

Most anarchists, past and present, are atheists. Their slogan is: “No god, No master.”

Quotations from famous anarchists, William Godwin to Voltairene de Clerye, all theorists and/or activists against religion and god.

Most scholars agree that in 19th Century America, freethought was basically anti-Christian and anti-clerical, whose goal was to free each individual spiritually and politically to make personal decisions about religion.

The anarchists maintained that “Where there is authority, there is no freedom.”[49]

The atheist Jerry Coyne speaking at a 2013 atheist meeting entitled The Amazing Meeting (TAM). TAM is an annual meeting.

In 2011, Coyne said about the atheist conferences which he attended that they had an air of self-congratulation.[50] He also indicated about atheist meetings: "But to me the speakers and talks have often seemed repetitive: the same crew of jet-set skeptics giving the same talks."[50]

The atheist Jerry Coyne said about the atheist conferences which he attended:

But to me the speakers and talks have often seemed repetitive: the same crew of jet-set skeptics giving the same talks.

...a few things bothered me, most notably the air of self-congratulation (which I excused on the grounds of enthusiastic people finding like-minded folks for the first time), the “fanboyness” directed at some of the famous atheists (they hardly let poor Richard alone, and I’m not sure he liked that!), and the lameness of quite a few of the talks. Again, how much new can you say about atheism?[50]

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of individuals in which the quest for harmony/conformity within the group results in irrational and/or poor decision-making.

Concerning atheism and groupthink, research indicates that atheists are less open-minded (see: Atheism and open-mindedness and Atheism and dogmatism).

The atheist website Atheist Revolution declared about segments of the atheist population:

We've seen various cliques emerge, some of which have largely abandoned critical thinking for dogma. This mutual admiration society strikes me as being antithetical to free thought, as similar ideas are rewarded through promotion while diverse perspectives receive less attention. This sets the stage for a type of groupthink that runs counter to big tent atheism...

By elevating some in our movement to the level of celebrities, I fear we have cheapened it through irrational hero worship.[51]

In 2018, the atheist PZ Myers wrote: "I noticed the “troubling turn” about 8 years ago, as more and more atheists began to rally around two themes: the Glorious Leaders who were fonts of inarguable Reason & Logic, and a definition of atheism that exempted them from all social responsibility or ethical obligation."[52][53]

Atheism, Christianity and celebrities

See also: Atheism and the media

The Media Research Center released a study in 2008 reporting pro-atheism bias by major press outlets in the United States (see: Atheism and the media).[54]

Unlike atheism, Christianity (which has a large body of evidence to support it) has never heavily focused on using Hollywood celebrities and the mainstream media to recruit adherents.

Hollywood has hostility towards biblical Christianity and Christians

Today, much of Hollywood has hostility towards biblical Christianity and its adherents (see: Hollywood values).[55][56]

See also


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