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The atheist Stephen Fry said, "I do enjoy video gaming... In the early days of games, I would spend hours. I mean literally. I would find it would be 4am and I would say God I have be at work at 6."[1] See also: Atheism and obesity and Irreligion, video game usage and obesity

Stephen Fry is an English comedian, actor and writer, born 24 August 1957 (age 65).

He has published several books and hosts the TV comedy quiz show QI. He is perhaps best known for his comedy partnership with Hugh Laurie, with whom he appeared in the popular series Blackadder alongside Rowan Atkinson. He also played the role of Gordon Dietrich in the film V for Vendetta.

Fry has is a self-described liberal and well known homosexual activist. Despite having a Jewish heritage (which he claims to be proud of), Fry is also a self-confessed atheist (see also: Celebrity atheists).[2] He also has bipolar disorder.

Childhood and Sexuality

In an interview for British TV, in 2007, Fry stated that he was seduced by an older homosexual when he was a child. On the new More 4 program Shrink Rap, Fry said that the incident had taken place between him and a sixth former during his first year at boarding school, when he would have been aged 11-13. This is an example of the classic pattern of CSA > homosexuality > CSA > homosexuality. [3]

Criminal conviction

At the age of 17, Fry served three months in prison for stealing and using a credit card. [4] Despite this, he got into Cambridge University and obtained a degree in English.

Stephen Fry

Opposed to Investigating Child Sex Abuse

In July 2014 Fry got up at a Labour Party fund-raising event and denounced Operation Yewtree, the police inquiry into child abuse set up after the Jimmy Savile scandal. Fry complained that less than half of those investigated were eventually found guilty. He did not explain how the guilty ones were to be identified if nobody was investigated. He is assumed to be referring to the investigation of his homosexual friend Paul Gambaccini, against whom various charges of molestation were levelled. Fry’s anger and his agitation were noticed with embarrassment by some others present. The Labour leader Ed Miliband later dissociated himself from Fry’s “rant” and said that the party fully supported Operation Yewtree. [5]

Drug Addiction

Fry has admitted being a chronic long-term user of cocaine and says he has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on his habit. This admission is deplorable in a person who is accorded celebrity status and therefore likely to influence the behavior of vulnerable young people. [6]

Peculiar Views About Women

In a 2010 interview with the LGBT magazine Attitude Fry said that women did not enjoy sex. He said it was clear that women had no interest in sex from the fact that they do not go out seeking casual encounters in graveyards or on Hampstead Heath, which is what homosexuals - including him - do. He added that women only go to bed with men “because sex is the price they are willing to pay for a relationship” and for this reason claimed he felt sorry for heterosexual men.

Fry’s remarks were branded “rubbish” and "madness" by feminists who questioned his qualifications for making pronouncements on female sexuality. Germaine Greer, called Fry’s remarks “gratuitous” and accused him of having “delusions of grandeur”. She said: “Stephen Fry is clearly under a delusion that he is an authority on female sexuality. It’s true that women really don’t want to hang around toilets... What women yearn for is intimacy." [7]


In 2009, Fry (with Christopher Hitchens) took part in a debate for Intelligence2 on the topic "Is the Catholic church a force for good?" against Ann Widdecombe and Archbishop John Onaiyekan. The audience was asked to vote at the end of the debate. Fry who argued for "no" won by 1876 against and only 268 for, but this was in the context of an internet audience that is overwhelmingly atheist, skeptical, secular and materialistic. Very few religious people would even have heard of the show.[8]


In 2015, at the age of nearly 60, Fry entered into a same-sex "marriage" to Elliot Spencer, a man 30 years younger than him. Spencer's father is the same age as Fry.[9]

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