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Howard Stern is a American radio personality, notable for his crude and vulgar humor. Howard Stern is an atheist (see: Celebrity atheists).[1]

Known for his use of scatological and sexist humor, the self-proclaimed "King of All Media" has been dubbed a "shock jock" for his use of shocking or unorthodox content as a promotional draw as well as his highly controversial comments that have included misogynistic remarks and frequent bigoted remarks about various religious and ethnic groups.

He is best known for his national radio show, which for many years was syndicated on FM radio stations (and a few AM stations) throughout the United States until his last broadcast via terrestrial radio on December 16, 2005. Up until this point, Stern had worked for Viacom's CBS Radio division (previously known as Inifinity), who, in turn, syndicated his program through various broadcasters. One such broadcaster, Clear Channel Communications, stopped airing the Stern Show after a controversial 2004 broadcast that featured racist and sexist dialogue. After a brief hiatus, Stern began broadcasting via the subscription-based Sirius satellite radio service in January 2006. Although Stern had a weekly audience of more than ten million when on terrestrial radio, on satellite Stern's audience is in the three million range.

Stern's show often has such guests as exotic dancer, "little people" (midgets), pornographic actors, regular actors, musicians and comedians. Some of the more unorthodox topics of the Stern show include details of homosexual practices, and talking or trying to talk female guests into disrobing, and of course constant flatulence jokes.

Stern is well known for his liberal socialist political views. He is staunch supporter of radical environmentalism, socialized medicine, and taxpayer-funded abortion and embryo experimentation that involves the cloning and destruction of human embryos and fetuses. Stern often talks of his admiration of Ralph Nader and Al Franken. Stern is a supporter of socialist activist Michael Moore and was very vocal in his endorsement of Moore's leftist propaganda film Fahrenheit 9/11 which was released in June 2004. Moore was even a guest on Stern's show the week of the film's release and called into the show a day before the 2004 presidential election. Moore appeared on Stern's show again on June 18, 2007, to promote socialized medicine, a program Stern is very supportive of.

Not only is Stern such a militant pro-abortion advocate who even supports abortion into the ninth month of a pregnancy, he has actually stated that babies "should be allowed to be killed" "after the first month of being born".[2] He has also stated that anyone who disagrees with the policies of Barack Obama is a racist.[3]

On July 25, 2006, Stern launched into a tirade against Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman. He attacked Lieberman's past support of indecency laws and his current support of the War on Terror.[4] In February 2007, Stern announced on his radio show that he was supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

In 2020 Stern vowed to never vote Democrat again. Stern said on air, "I don't care if God becomes a Democrat, I will never vote Democrat again. They are communists."[5]


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