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Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is a liberal, anti-Trump American "comedienne" and actress. Griffin identifies herself as a militant atheist.[1] See also: Celebrity atheists).


Donald Trump "severed head" incident

A few public relations experts have publicly indicated that her 2017 publicity stunt which involved her holding a mock severed head of Donald Trump was a career-ending move.[2] All of her remaining 2017 bookings for stand-up comedy appearances were canceled as a result[2] and she has had no bookings since then. Though she apologized after the incident, she later withdrew the apology.[3]

She drew a lot of public backlash against herself after that infamous publicity stunt. At a news conference, she refused to take responsibility for her actions and said she blamed Trump, claiming in a teary-eyed manner: "He broke me".

Kathy Griffin with the mock Donald Trump "severed head"

The Examining Atheism blog wrote about Griffin:

Comedian Kathy Griffin identifies herself as a "complete militant atheist".

If she is representative of militant atheists, the ideological foot soldiers of atheism have backbones of jelly![4]

In another recent controversy, when Trump paid tribute to John McCain via Twitter following the Senator's passing on August 25, 2018, Griffin used the moment in another attention-seeking ploy by lashing out profanely at Trump in response on Twitter, which led to another massive backlash against her on the platform and elsewhere.[5]

Covington Kids incident

Griffin also recently came under heavy criticism on Twitter (including from Donald Trump Jr.[6]) for falsely accusing students from Covington Catholic High School of "racism" during a confrontation with leftist American Indian professional protester and phony "Vietnam veteran" Nathan Phillips[7][8] and for demanding the doxing of the students, in violation of Twitter's terms of service.[9] Not surprisingly, Griffin refused to take responsibility or apologize for her inflammatory and bigoted tweets, ignoring that her attempt to dox the students could put them in danger of potential death threats from crazed leftists, and lashed out in response by resorting to moral equivalence arguments against Trump Jr., using the long-discredited "Trump-Russia collusion" claims as her ammunition.[6] Griffin was subsequently named among a lengthy list of 50 liberal media outlets, reporters, politicians, celebrities and other entities who now face legal action against them from the legal counsel of the Covington students, as well as criminal charges filed by county attorneys in Kenton County, Kentucky, for said celebrities' and other Twitter posters' false accusations, doxing attempts and death threats.[10][11][12] She also tweeted her support for Nancy Pelosi's infamous tearing up of the 2020 State of the Union address in front of live cameras.[13]

Danielle McCarty incident

The infamous "severed Trump head" photo later drew even more controversy to Griffin when former Democrat-turned-Trump supporter Danielle McCarty began being besieged with hundreds of hateful and threatening messages from unhinged leftists on Twitter and other social media accounts after the vindictive Griffin illegally doxed McCarty when she came unglued over a tweet by McCarty criticizing Griffin's gloating over the stolen 2020 presidential election while she again posted that photo on Twitter, which she later deleted following the criticism.[14] The leftist cranks let out their inner 13-year-olds online as they threatened the livelihood of McCarty and her family, made false accusations against her and made immature rape and death threats against her and death threats against her children in their cowardly tweets after Griffin libeled McCarty by falsely accusing her of being a "domestic terrorist", sicced her followers on McCarty, claimed to have "reported" her to the FBI and went even further by posting personal photos of McCarty and her family, while several online leftist sites openly praised Griffin for her criminal actions against McCarty and also made false claims about McCarty. While the usual Twitter suspects rooted Griffin on, a number of later posters gave her well-deserved criticism for her illegal actions.

Threats of civil war against GOP voters

On September 6, 2022, Griffin publicly attempted via Twitter to coerce and intimidate Americans into voting Democrat in the 2022 midterm elections by threatening civil war against anyone who votes Republican;[15] in response, Griffin was massively criticized on her Twitter account by posters who responded that they will vote Republican because of her threat, which was seemingly influenced by Oval Office occupant/dictator Joe Biden's similar threat against his own fellow American citizens while projecting the Democrats' own attitudes and beliefs onto them during an unhinged televised speech[16] he gave on September 1.


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