Kathy Griffin

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Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is a liberal, anti-Trump American "comedienne" and actress.

A few public relations experts have publicly indicated that her 2017 publicity stunt which involved her holding a mock severed head of Donald Trump was a career-ending move.[1] All of her remaining 2017 bookings for stand-up comedy appearances were canceled as a result[1] and she has had no bookings since then. Though she apologized after the incident, she later withdrew the apology.[2]

She drew a lot of public backlash against herself after that infamous publicity stunt. At a news conference, she refused to take responsibility for her actions and said she blamed Trump, claiming in a teary-eyed manner: "He broke me".

Griffin identifies herself as a militant atheist.[3]

The Examining Atheism blog wrote about Griffin:

Comedian Kathy Griffin identifies herself as a "complete militant atheist".

If she is representative of militant atheists, the ideological foot soldiers of atheism have backbones of jelly![4]

In another recent controversy, when Trump paid tribute to John McCain via Twitter following the Senator's passing on August 25, 2018, Griffin used the moment in another attention-seeking ploy by lashing out profanely at Trump in response on Twitter, which led to another massive backlash against her on the platform and elsewhere.[5]