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A map showing the audience makeup of the Examining Atheism blog.[1]

The blog Examining Atheism reports on the 21st century decline of global atheism and its impact on Western World, Asian atheism and the world at large (See also: Desecularization).

The blog is a continuation of the blog Combating atheism albeit with a different focus.

A July 19, 2016 Combating atheism blog post indicates:

For all intents and purposes, New Atheism is dead. And there will be no resurrection of New Atheism. And although militant atheism is hanging on in China, given the rapid growth of Christianity in China, I see militant atheism falling in China and then subsequently in Vietnam and North Korea. So sometime in the 21st century militant atheism will be effectively dead as a force in the world.

Given: the current implosion of militant atheism; New Atheism dying and being replaced with milk toast atheism in the Western World; atheists/agnostics shrinking as a percentage of the world's population; the immigration of the religious into secular Europe (who are very often resistant to assimilation); and the pessimism of many atheists as far as the atheist movement; the name of this blog - "Combating atheism" - seems obsolete.

Lately, the major news outlets have sparse reporting on the topic of atheism. And the few news stories they do have are often negative towards atheism or boring stories reporting on trivial matters. In short, "Atheism: The excitement is not raging."

There will be no glorious future battles in relation to atheism vs. religion, but rather a slow global attrition of the dying breed of atheists. This will be combined with a withering away of atheist influence in the media and the educational systems of the world.. The 21st century will be a horrible century for militant atheists and antitheists.

The growth of atheism in the twentieth century began with a bang due to the militant atheism associated with the Russian Revolution and the subsequent formation of the Soviet Union. The decline of atheism will be death by a thousand cuts due to demographic changes in the global population (See: Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?: Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century by Eric Kaufmann, Belfer Center, Harvard University/Birkbeck College, University of London).[2]

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  2. New Atheism is dead. The atheist movement is anemic. Now what?