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Shadow To Light is a Christian blog with a strong emphasis on covering news/topics related to atheism and New Atheism.

The Christian apologist and author Tom Gilson, who was the National Field Director for Ratio Christi, is a blogger at and was a staff member of CRU for 30 years, said of the Shadow To Light blog:

I want to take a quick moment to recommend a blog to you: Shadow To Light. I wish I could say more about the blogger there–but he does excellent work, that much I can tell you.[1]

History of the Shadow To Light blog

The blog was launched in 2009. In 2012, it began to almost exclusively focus on current events and topics related to atheism.

According to Shadow to Light:

Back in March 2012, I became aware of the Reason Rally and Dawkins publicly advocating that religious believers be denigrated. It became clear there was an Anti-Religious Movement. And that’s significant... Since there is a real anti-religion movement out there, ignoring it doesn’t seem to be an option...[2]

Unique focus of the Shadow to Light blog

The Examining Atheism blog declared about the Shadow To Light blog:

It is the only Christian blog that I am aware of that almost exclusively focuses on the topic of atheism and posts regularly. And it is well-written and well-researched.

The Shadow To Light blog may be the only theistic blog in the world to regularly post on atheism (The blog Atheism Analyzed has diversified into covering leftist politics as well).

I spoke to a Christian apologist who mentioned the Shadow To Light blog and he had a very favorable opinion of the blog.[3]

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