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The People's Republic of China has often been accused of launching cyberterrorism attacks against foreign targets, including the United States and it's various allies, along with civilian organizations operating outside of China. In 2005, Chinese hackers in the Guangdong province launched an attack against the United States, using speаr phishing and a worm named "trojan rain" in an attempt to steal American intelligence. The Chinese government was thought to be involved in supporting the hackers, as part of a broader policy of information warfare.[1][2]

Cybercrime against the People's Republic of China

The People's Republic of China has often attempted to accuse the United States of America of conducting covert attacks on its civilian, and military networks.[3] While it was for the most part ignored as retaliatory bluffing, recent leaks by Edward Snowden has revealed evidence of a massive, concerted attempt by the United States to capture civilian data, via unauthorized entry into university and corporate routers, that direct the vast majority of Chinese internet traffic.[4][5] These revelations were dismissed as evidence brought out by a "traitor", by the Obama administration, and censorship of the claims were promptly conducted by the United States Army.[6]

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