Christ Church, Philadelphia

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General Washington at Christ Church, Easter Sunday.

Christ Church is an Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, known for the large number of Founding Fathers who attended its congregation during their lifetimes. Jacob Duché was a reverend at Christ Church.[1]

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris, John Penn, Benjamin Rush, John Adams, and George Ross were among the attendees. One Founder, Francis Hopkinson, was known to play the organ during service.[2] The church maintains bronze plaques on many of the pews where these Founders came to worship: Morris sat in pew 52; Washington sat in pew 56; Penn sat in pew 60; Hopkinson sat in pew 65. Betsy Ross also attended services.

Additionally, Several Founding Fathers are buried on the grounds of Christ Church. The already mentioned Franklin, Ross, Hopkinson, Rush, as well as William Jackson and Joseph Hewes. On the Church's North Garden grounds, Founding Fathers Robert Morris, James Wilson, Pierce Butler, and Jacob Broom were laid to rest.[3]

Christ Church is home to the renowned "Liberty Window".[4]

The Liberty Window at Christ Church.

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