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Citizens Assisting Citizens

Citizens Assisting Citizens is a 501(c)3 non-profit humanitarian aid volunteer project created by libertarian survivalist Jack Spirko of the The Survival Podcast. It was originally known as "The Survival Podcast Disaster Response Team (TSP-DRT)" and "Citizens Helping Citizens". Citizens Assisting Citizens is a group of people that volunteer their time to aid other citizens in times of need, such as when a disaster strikes.

To quote their mission statement:

To provide the necessary infrastructure for citizens to provide aid and relief to their fellow citizens prior to and in the event of a disaster. Americans have been providing assistance to each other since the founding of our noble experiment. However, as time has moved on, we find it ever more difficult to provide that assistance directly even as we watch our fellow citizens suffer in the time of their greatest need. The world watched in horror as the victims of Hurricane Sandy dug in garbage seeking food for their children. We, as a nation, cried “How can this be?”, as people evacuated to shelters with deplorable conditions when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. Millions of people wanted to come to their aid but their only option was to send money to large international organization that would not arrive for days. This must change.

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