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Coast to Coast AM is a late-night radio show, often covering the paranormal, but carrying "hard news" as well. George Noory is the current weeknight host of the show, and Ian Punnett is the Saturday host. On Sundays, the show is either guest-hosted, or reruns are aired.

The show was originally hosted by Art Bell, who started on 720 KDWN in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1989 and took his show nationwide in 1993. Art Bell retired from the show three times, in 1998, 2000–01, and 2002–03, turning the show over to other hosts only to return. His return in September 2003 was only to host the show part-time on weekends, with George Noory and Ian Punnett hosting otherwise. He again announced his retirement from the show in July 2007.

After Dark is a magazine published by Coast to Coast AM for their listeners and available by subscription.

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