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Colorado cannabis exceeds its food crops and diverts scarce water from beneficial uses.

In 2021, cannabis in Colorado set another record: $2.22 billion in sales.[1] That does not include an increasing amount of home production.

By comparison, the value of the largest agricultural product (not including dairy) in Colorado for 2021 was $516.9 million for corn. Second was hay at $419.4 million.[2] Third place was wheat at only $267 million.

Stench of Cannabis

"The weed is too damn stinky, according to the City of Denver, which recently sent a warning to local marijuana business owners reminding them to respect odor control requirements. While it's become a staple along the eastern stretch of I-70 in Denver and other commercial and industrial enclaves around town, the stanky, skunky stench of marijuana" caused, on July 24, 2023, "the Denver Department of Excise & Licenses [to] notif[y] marijuana industry stakeholders that the DDPHE has 'found high rates of non-compliance' regarding local odor control rules."[3]


"'Sales plummet' for recreational and medical marijuana in Colorado," as the 2021-2022 data show a massive drop in cannabis sales.[4]