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Condescension, formerly considered a virtue, is now considered an unforgivable offense.

It is the treatment of another person as if they are vastly inferior in some (or all) ways. Also called patronizing: "Don't patronize me!" (meaning, don't treat me as if I'm an ignorant child or idiot, because I'm not!).

Elitist liberals commonly use condescension to belittle their opponents. Typically this involves belittling the views of conservatives and those who hold tradition or family values, and belittle the lives of rural citizens. Liberals do this to avoid addressing their opponents' views, for which they have no logical response. A 2018 study by researchers at Yale University and Princeton University found that liberals patronize minorities and present themselves as less competent when speaking to them, while conservatives speak and present themselves the same way to everyone regardless of skin color.[1][2]


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