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The following are simple guidelines for articles about countries.

República de Bolivia
Bolivia rel 2006.jpg
Flag of Bolivia.png
Arms of Bolivia.png
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital La Paz
Government Republic
Language Spanish, Quechua, Aymara (official)
President Evo Morales
Area 424,163 sq mi
Population 9,119,152(2007)
GDP per capita $2,817 (2006)
Currency Boliviano

You will notice that many country articles are copied from the public domain resource from the U.S. State Department (see France, Gambia, Russia, etc., for examples). Although the State Department provides basic facts from a general political perspective, it may not be entirely accurate, and individual editors are encouraged to provide relevant, facual info.

Each country article is laid out in a specific pattern, which will be used as a standard throughout every such article within Conservapedia. The layout is as follows:

Infobox at the top of the page pertaining to the country (example on the right for Bolivia), to include map, flag, and coat of arms. The title of the country in the infobox is to be written in the country's native language.
  • Introductory paragraph
Introduce the country briefly here.
  • Geography
Here detail the countries physical features; size, area, rivers, mountains, cities, etc. Although not included in many articles, if you feel that there should be sub-topics detailing plants and animals, place them here.
  • People
Detail the country's population, ethnic groups, religion, education, art and culture, etc.
  • Government
Detail the country's type of government (republic, monarchy, dictatorship, etc), current political conditions, current leaders; foreign relations, and relations with the United States (if such requires it, i.e. U.S.-Israel). This would also include other country relations, i.e. Russia-Georgia, United Kingdom-Argentina.
  • Defense
Although part of the government, defense should be treated in its own topic heading. Describe conditions of the armed forces, number of personnel, where deployed, etc.
  • Economy
Describe the country's economic conditions, currency, trade, deficits, etc.
  • History
Describe the country's history, to include ancient periods (when known) up to today.

Each page is to have as much detail as possible, but in cases where there is too much info, the editor can create redirects to main articles about the subject (i.e. United Kingdom and United Kingdom (history))

In the case of a former country (i.e. Third Reich, Holy Roman Empire, Papal States), or of a territory which is controlled by a country (French Guiana, Falkland Islands) use the above layout as much as possible.


These articles can have photos and other images to illustrate. Priority should be given to the following:

Image of the nation's capital city;
Image of a scene involving its people, such as a market place;
Image of a well-known geographical feature (Grand Canyon, Zambezi Falls, Danube River, etc);
Image of a famous building which is synonomous with the country (Sydney Opera House, Big Ben, Taj Mahal, etc);
Image of historical ruins also synonomous with the country (Great Wall, Mayan ruins, the Pyramids, etc);
Image of the current leader (Barack Obama, Kim Jong Il, Dmitry Medvedev, etc)

Secondary images that do not have priority include:

Famous works of art;
Photos of wildlife;
Famous people, such as writers, athletes, movie stars, etc.
Food and cuisine;
Images of changing events such as news stories.