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The Conservapedia Scorecard is an objective and honest evaluation of groups or websites that call themselves conservative or have many conservative members, supporters or visitors. As politics is always changing, the most recent statements or actions of the groups will receive the greatest weighting. Criteria will include whom they invite as speakers at their conventions, what they say about current events, what cases they file briefs in, and how effective they are.

Group Profile of Guest Speakers/Contributors Recent Positions
NRA Neoconservative speakers featured rather than strong conservatives like Marco Rubio, Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul and Jim DeMint[1] Supported pro-same-sex marriage candidate Dede Scozzafava rather than Doug Hoffman for Congress in early 2010, and supported RINO Bob Bennett (both were defeated by huge margins)
CPAC Strong representation by libertarians, but thin on pro-life and traditional marriage issues Does not take positions but Ron Paul won the straw poll in 2010 and Jim DeMint had the highest approval rating as a speaker
Cato Strongly against Big Government, but weak on traditional conservative values; voicing no objection to abortion.[2] Somewhat taken in by the homosexual agenda with their opposition to the Federal Marriage Amendment.[3] One of the few to file an amicus brief against the global warming hoax in Comer v. Murphy Oil, pending before the Fifth Circuit en banc.
Federalist Society Increasingly avoids socially conservative speakers, and features neoconservatives instead Constantly challenge the liberal bias in law and academia. Agree that ObamaCare is unconstitutional.[4]
National Right to Life
Drudge Report Somewhat neoconservative and Hollywood centric, although outspoken against liberal policies and deceit. Broke the Bill Clinton sex scandal in 1997 during a time of massive censorship from the liberal media,[5] but disappointingly quiet on social issues such as homosexuality and gun control.
WorldNetDaily Sensible, logical, Christian conservative contributors prevail. Continues to call for Obama to release his birth certificate. Publishes material contradicting the pseudosciences of global warming and evolution that other outlets censor. But also tends to take neoconservative positions, such as supporting not-so-conservative Michael McConnell for the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Unlike most scoring systems, the Conservapedia scorecard compares the voting record of an officeholder to the relative conservatism of the people he represents. For example, Orrin Hatch is the 30th most conservative Senator but he represents the first or second most conservative state, making him a net liberal.

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  1. May 2010 convention, held in Charlotte, NC.