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Big Government refers to a government that is excessively influential in the everyday lives of citizens, often due to its far-reaching agencies.

Ronald Reagan advocated a position that the government was too big, and smaller government would serve the people better in contrast to the left wing approach which has an emphasis on big government. Conservatives, as well as libertarians, believe in smaller and more effective government, as well as the principles of self-governance and subsidiarity. A strong correlation exists between big government and low economic growth,[1] and big government is costly to citizens.[2]

Pat Buchanan wrote: "The mammoth government we have today is a result of politicians rushing to solve "crises" by creating and empowering new federal agencies."

Justice James Ho of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals observed the connection between big government, big money, and political polarization:

If you don't like big money in politics, then you should oppose big government in our lives. Because the former is a necessary consequence of the latter ... When government grows larger, when regulators pick more and more economic winners and losers, participation in the political process ceases to be merely a citizen's prerogative — it becomes a human necessity.[3]

Examples of big government policies

Other claimed policies

Some people, such as liberals and many libertarians, claim the following policies they oppose are big government policies, while conservatives and Christians either view them in an entirely different category as necessary common sense moral guidelines,[12] or point out that such complete bans do not actually exist, despite liberal claims:

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