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Republican Main Street Partnership is a lobbying group located in Washington D.C. Former Ohio Congressman Steve LaTourette created the partnership and an affiliated SuperPAC called Defending Main Street PAC.

The mission of the group is clear, they are for electing establishment Republicans. Plans have been made public that the partnership will spend millions of dollars attacking Conservatives affiliated with the Tea Party. This is the same strategy recently endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove's American Crossroads.

As a D.C. first lobbying outfit, naturally the establishment players, and fellow Ohioan such as John Boehner, cling to their stated goals. The left-wing Talking Points Memo reported a month ago that Republican Main Street Partnership finances are tied to Democrat-run groups; [1]

*Bonderman, David gave $30000.00 – the Los Angeles Times referred to him as “David Bonderman, a significant contributor to Democrats
*Laborers’ Political League Education Fund gave $100000.00
*The Chickasaw Nation gave $50000.00
*International Union of Operating Engineers [EPEC] gave $250000.00
Laborers’ International Union Of North America (LIUNA) PAC gave $150000.00
MEBA PAF gave $15000.00 (Marine Engineers Beneficial Association)
Working for Working Americans-Federal gave $250000.00 (Building Trades / carpenters PAC)


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