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Joseph W. Martin Jr.
Joseph W. Martin, Jr. picture.jpg
Former U.S. Representative from Massachusetts's 15th, 14th, and 10th Congressional District
From: March 4, 1925 – January 3, 1967
Predecessor Robert M. Leach
Successor Margaret Heckler
Party Republican

Joseph William Martin, Jr. (November 3, 1884 – March 6, 1968) was a prominent Republican from Massachusetts who served as a longtime U.S. representative from the state. He was a member of the Conservative Coalition during the 1930s, strongly opposing Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal program.

Martin's long tenure was marked with the characteristic of being a compassionate conservative.[1]

U.S. House of Representatives


During the New Deal era as many black voters who traditionally supported the Republicans began to favor the Democratic Party only for short-term economic benefits during the Great Depression (though well-aware of the party's history of racism),[2] Martin worked to maintain the Republican Party commitment to helping blacks as a priority,[3] holding powerful positions within the Republican establishment during the time in the RNC and as a campaign manager for Alf Landon, a Moderate Republican who unsuccessfully challenged FDR in the 1936 presidential election.

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