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The Contract with America was the brainchild of Reps. Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey that is credited with increasing the massive conservative landslide in the 1994 congressional elections. The contract included requiring that all laws applying to the country also apply to Congress, that term limits apply to committee chairs, and that a three-fifths majority be required to pass a tax increase. Other provisions included the Fiscal Responsibility Act to balance the budget and the Personal Responsibility Act to strengthen parental rights in their children's education.[1]

Much of the Contract with America was not populist, but sought changes to the legal system, increased spending on law enforcement, and increases in military spending.

Conservative populism that swept into power in 2010 and 2016 is a different, and more successful, approach, as in opposing abuses by the Deep State and entanglement in foreign wars.

Left-wing critics of the Contract with America, however, unsuccessfully referred to it by the name "Contract On America", essentially falsely implying that conservatives were trying to impose their control over America.

Republican midterm election gains were larger in 2010.