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Alex J. O'Connor, also known as CosmicSkeptic, is one of the most repellant atheists on the dangerous, liberal-controlled website YouTube. He makes videos baselessly attacking Christianity and defending evil things like homosexuality[1][2][3], secularism[4], and veganism[5][6][7][8]. In a video about Islam he referred to himself as a "rational liberal". His videos also contain strong themes that aren't appropriate for children.

Personal life

O'Connor was born in 1999 in Oxford, England[9], and as such is naturally un-American. He has demonstrated this by misrepresenting religious freedom to support his claim that America is not a Christian country[10] and opposing the Pledge of Allegiance[11]. He was born on the 27th of March, fifty-eight years and one day after liberal anti-Christian, anti-life atheist Richard Dawkins was born, and he has bragged about this in the past.[12] He is a vegan[13], and has collaborated with leftist Australian YouTuber Joey "Carbstrong" Armstrong in a video about veganism.[14] He also made a speech in November 2019 in support of veganism at Tel Aviv, although he unfortunately didn't spend any time mentioning the fact that Israel is a great country in it, so it is likely he supports Palestine.[15] He also hosts a podcast that Richard Dawkins appeared on.[16] He is also likely a homosexual, given his numerous videos in support of the sin.

Stance on Christianity

O'Connor is very hostile towards Christianity. He has falsely claimed that there is no such thing as objective morality, with or without God, as a way to defend the fact that he can't have a sense of objective morality himself because he is an atheist.[17][18][19][20] He has also falsely claimed that the Bible supports slavery, and that such slavery is "racist".[21] O'Connor mirrors many of the same points as sinful New Atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett, although in a rare moment of intelligence he made a video called "The Sophistry of Christopher Hitchens" in which he admitted that Hitchens used unfair tactics to appear dominant in debates, something that no conservatives do because they are much more intelligent and would never resort to such cheap tactics.[22] He has also slandered Fox News.[23]

Stance on Islam

Like many, but not all, atheist activists, O'Connor dislikes Islam. He has made videos criticizing it, and they are some of the more tolerable videos on his channel. He has justly criticized the treatment of women in Islam, however he also criticizes its treatment of homosexuals, which is arguably the one thing that Islam is correct about, even though it is still an evil religion/political ideology.[24][25][26][27] He has spoken out against liberals ignoring the treatment of women and homosexuals in Islam.[28]

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