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The gay label and a new identity
Jesus asked me to lay down my identity at His feet and surrender it for a new one in Him. I decided the gay label and lifestyle didn't align to my desired identity as a Christian. Trying to align my choices in behavior to my Christian identity took years of struggling, and sometimes it was quite painful.
— Daren Mehl[1]

Daren Mehl (1977 - ) is a Minnesota native who identified as a gay man for approximately 10 years (from high school through his late 20’s), but when he encountered the Gospel, his entire value system, purpose for living, and beliefs about who he is changed, including his sexual identity. Today (2018) he is married to a woman (Rhoda) and has two children.[1] Mehl joined Voice of the Voiceless in 2016 as an Advisory Board Member and now (2018) serves as president there. He is the author of his own blog, www.darenmehlblog.com and a portion of his story has been published in the book Achieving Heterosexuality.[2][3]

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